Eye Flashes and Eye Floaters Treatment in North Brunswick, NJ 

Man rubbing eyes because of eye flashes and floaters

Somerset Eye Care Can Treat Your Eye Flashes and Eye Floaters 

Eye flashes and eye floaters are two conditions that are usually just a minor inconvenience to your vision, but they can potentially be a sign of concern. At Somerset Eye Care, our trained eye doctors use advanced technology to examine your eye floaters and eye flashes and will determine the best course of action to keep you seeing clearly and comfortably. If you’re experiencing red eyes, pain, or flashes or floaters, please call the office to schedule an appointment today

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Eye floaters

What Are Eye Flashes and Eye Floaters?  

Eye floaters and flashes are common visual conditions that can seem alarming. Floaters manifest as tiny, moving specks or strands that appear to drift through your field of vision, and are often more noticeable against a bright background. Flashes, on the other hand, are like sudden flickers or streaks of light that momentarily dart across your visual field. While they can be harmless, occasionally they can be signs of more serious issues.

Symptoms of Eye Flashes and Eye Floaters 

Floaters are small, shadowy shapes that may appear to float or flit across your field of vision. Floaters can present themselves in your vision as:

  • Small black dots or transparent string-like shapes
  • Irregular, cobweb-like lines or rings
  • Small, dark, shadowy shapes that seem to drift away when you try to look at them directly
  • Flecks or globs that move or drift as you move your eyes

As for eye flashes, they resemble bursts or streaks of light that suddenly appear in your vision. These flashes can indicate the vitreous gel inside your eye pulling on the retina, and if you’re experiencing them, it’s critical to seek medical attention to prevent potential damage to your vision.

Man looking at glasses and for symptoms of eye flashes and floaters
Woman receiving eye flashes and eye floaters treatment at Somerset Eye Care in NJ

Our Treatments for Eye Flashes and Eye Floaters  

At Somerset Eye Care, we understand that while eye flashes and eye floaters often do not require treatment, they can impact your vision and quality of life. In cases where intervention is necessary, we focus on non-surgical options and will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. This may include recommendations for lifestyle adjustments or referrals to trusted specialists if surgery is needed.

Why Choose Us

Our team at Somerset Eye Care is here to serve the vision needs of our neighbors. Our compassionate eye care professionals are proud members of the community they serve, and they use cutting-edge tools and technology in every treatment they perform. We’ll provide specialized care and personalize an approach just for you and your vision. Schedule an eye exam today and learn how Somerset Eye Care can make a difference for your eyesight.