Low Vision Eye Exams in North Brunswick, NJ

Patient and eye doctor performing low vision treatment at Somerset Eye Care in NJ

Low Vision Exams at Somerset Eye Care 

At Somerset Eye Care, we’re committed to improving our community’s quality of life, especially those with impaired sight or low vision. We offer customized low vision eye exams that can help you experience the world with the sight you have, all right here at our low vision center in North Brunswick.
Woman squinting at computer laptop
Man having a hard time seeing laptop screen

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision is a catch-all term for any condition or disease that leaves you without clear eyesight. While patients with low vision have some ability to see, their vision is usually diminished even with corrective eyewear. In many cases, surgical correction isn’t an option for patients with low vision.

We Personalize Our Care for You

Our low vision eye exams are personalized for each patient’s own unique eyes and lifestyle; because of this, no low vision exam will ever look like another. Our doctors will examine your eyes and learn about you to tailor a low vision plan that works for you and your lifestyle. We have a track record of helping patients with a range of conditions improve their quality of life with compassionate care at our low vision center, and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

Woman getting an eye exam for low vision at Somerset in New Jersey

Why Choose Us

Somerset Eye Care is here to serve the eye care needs of our neighbors with low vision. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art technology in our low vision eye exams that they’ll use to tailor a plan that works for your lifestyle. Schedule a low vision eye exam today and learn how Somerset Eye Care can help make a difference in your quality of life!