Comprehensive Eye Exams in North Brunswick, NJ

At Somerset Eye Care, we believe all excellent eye health starts with the foundation of our comprehensive eye exams.

Man smiling during eye exam

What is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Our eye exams are more than just a vision screening, as our doctors use advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure your eyes are both healthy now, as well as on track to remain healthy! Our talented team will look at your eyes — inside and out — to give you a precise vision prescription while checking for even the smallest signs of vision errors or health concerns.

Man getting an eye exam at Somerset
Man getting an eye exam from optometrist Dr. Prapti Chandrani, OD

Why Are Our Eye
Exams Important?

Often, you can’t see the symptoms of many eye diseases until damage has already occurred. Thanks to our state-of-the-art tech, we can catch — and treat — eye diseases at their earliest stages before they can cause your vision any issues. Getting an annual comprehensive eye exam also lets us track the changes in your eyes over time, even if it’s just to get you an ultraprecise vision prescription.

Specialized Eye Exams

While our comprehensive eye exams are personalized for each patient’s needs, depending on your age, eyewear, and eye health, you may benefit from one of our more specialized eye exams. We’re proud to offer a range of comprehensive eye exams that will meet your entire family’s eye care needs, including pediatric eye exams, contact lens exams, and diabetic eye exams.

Young girl getting a pediatric eye exam

Pediatric Eye Exams

Children’s eyes are constantly growing and developing and are more susceptible to certain conditions, which is why we offer pediatric eye exams. It’s crucial to detect these issues as early as possible in kids, and our cutting-edge diagnostics can identify signs of potential concern at their earliest moments, letting us get ahead of possible issues. Our entire team loves working with children and helping them find their new favorite pair of frames or eyewear!

A patient with an eye doctor during a contact lens exam at Somerset in NJ

Contact Lens Exams

Unlike eyeglasses, which rest in front of your eyes on your nose, contact lenses sit on your eyes, requiring a special prescription. In our contact lens exams, we’ll measure your eyes to fit you with lenses that are both precise and comfortable to wear, so you get clear and comfortable vision. We also offer a range of specialty contacts, including scleral lenses, for patients with special needs or hard-to-fit eyes, and ortho-k overnight lenses for patients with myopia.

A senior woman getting a diabetic eye exam at Somerset Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Exams

Those with diabetes are more at risk for certain eye conditions and complications, mostly related to the eye’s retina, and we offer these patients specialized diabetic eye exams. In our diabetic eye exams, we’ll track your ongoing eye health, monitor for signs of complications like diabetic retinopathy, and help manage your diabetes to ensure your vision stays clear and safe.

We Offer Myopia Management Consultations!

Stay ahead of your child’s nearsightedness and help improve their long-term health — schedule a myopia management consultation with our team today!

Our State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Technology

At Somerset Eye Care, we believe patients deserve top-of-the line care and service and have outfitted our office with cutting-edge technology to help our eye care professionals give you a thorough and precise eye exam.

Diagnostic Technology at Somerset Eye Care
Talented Team of Doctors at Somerset Eye Care

Our Talented Team of Doctors

Our eye doctors are members of the communities they serve, and you can trust them to care for all your eye health needs. Using our advanced technology, your provider will examine your eyes, analyze their health, and explain how they’ll protect your comfort and clarity.

Why Choose Somerset Eye Care for Your Eye Exams?

At Somerset Eye Care, we take great pride in serving the communities of North Brunswick, Kendall Park, Franklin Park, South Brunswick, Monmouth Junction, and the surrounding areas. Our compassionate care team has worked to customize our eye exams for each patient’s own unique needs and preferences. You can expect our team to identify any issues early and tailor our treatment to exactly what you and your eyes need. Visit us today and see why your neighbors trust us with their eyesight.