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Protect Your Eyes in Style with Sunglasses

Everyone loves to enjoy the sun, but the harmful rays it casts can cause eye strain and damage to your eyes, affecting your vision over time. Our talented optical team can help you choose from our wide range of designer sunglasses to showcase your style, while protecting your eyes from the sun!
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Sunglasses Do More Than Make You Look Good

Sunglasses make you look cool, yes, but they’re also important for protecting your eyes from the ultraviolet (UV) rays generated by the sun. We offer prescription sunglasses to give you complete coverage — clear vision, protection from the sun, and a fantastic look!

Customize Your Lenses with Prescription Sunglasses

Do you have special vision needs? Don’t worry — we can customize your prescription sunglasses to match your requirements, so you always have clear sight.

Sunglasses Brands You’ll Love

We carry carefully selected brands that meet our high standard of quality, such as Maui Jim and ProDesign, with options for every member of your family.

We’ll Help You Find Fashionable and Functional Sunglasses

Our fashion-forward optical team is passionate about eyewear and sunglasses in particular — and we can’t wait to help you find your new favorite fit. We’ll help curate choices for you from our vast selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, while taking into consideration your taste, face shape, color preferences, and vision needs.

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Why Choose Us for Your Sunglasses?

Somerset Eye Care is here to take care of our neighbors, and we’re proud to have extensive sunglasses options that will keep you seeing clearly in the sun. You can trust our skilled optical team to help you find designer sunglasses that are fashionable and functional, while helping to keep your vision clear for years to come. Visit our office today to see our collection and learn about the difference Somerset Eye Care can make for you.