Diabetic Eye Exams in North Brunswick, NJ

Woman getting a diabetic eye exam at Somerset Eye Care in NJ

Eye Care is Health Care: Keep Your Diabetes Under Control with Regular Diabetic Eye Tests!

Eye care is a crucial part of your overall health care, and it’s especially important for those with diabetes. Our talented and compassionate eye doctors offer diabetic eye exams to monitor your eyes and their health, keeping your vision clear and healthy for years to come.

Man getting a diabetic eye exam
Dr. Prapti Chandrani explaining the results of a diabetic eye exam

What Are Diabetic Eye Exams?

Diabetic eye exams are similar to our comprehensive eye exams and are designed to give extra attention to patients with diabetes. In addition to providing a precise vision prescription and checking the health of your eyes, we search for the earliest signs of potential issues and diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, which lets us personalize a plan to keep your eyes and vision safe.

Why Are Diabetic Eye
Exams Important?

Diabetes can impact all aspects of your health, but it has an outsized effect on your eyes and vision. Our eye doctors are trained to catch the warning signals of the various types of diabetic complications. One of those common diseases is diabetic retinopathy, which causes noticeable vision loss only after permanent damage has occurred. With our diabetic eye tests, we can tell if your eyes and vision are threatened long before you experience any loss in vision and customize an ongoing management plan to safeguard your eye health.
Man looking at a model of the eye going over eye exam results
The team at Somerset Eye Care in North Brunswick, NJ

Diabetic Eye Disease Diagnosis & Care

Our passionate eye care team uses advanced technology and cutting-edge diagnostic tools in our diabetic eye exams to monitor your eyes for even the slightest of changes to your vision. We’ll tailor a management plan for you and adjust it if we see any potential indications of diabetic retinopathy or other complications.

Why Choose Us for Diabetic Eye Exams?

Somerset Eye Care is proud to serve the vision needs of all our fellow community members. You can trust our compassionate and skilled team to utilize the latest technology in our diabetic eye exams to make sure your eyes and vision are healthy. Schedule your diabetic eye test today and experience for yourself how we help look out for our neighbors at Somerset Eye Care.