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Cataract Diagnosis at Somerset Eye Care

Somerset Eye Care is proud to serve the needs of all our neighbors, especially those with cataracts. Our team uses a full suite of state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat cataracts, and we’ll work with you to keep your eyesight clear, so you never have to let your condition impede your quality of life.
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Eye with cataracts

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are an extremely common issue where your eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy and begins to impair your vision. Although this happens naturally with age, you don’t have to live with the poor vision cataracts can cause. We can manage cataract’s initial symptoms with our cataract treatment plans and a wide range of eyewear, and then work with your ophthalmologist if cataract surgery is necessary.

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What Causes Cataracts?

Cataracts are typically caused by the eyes’ natural aging process, but these factors can increase your risk for developing them early:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) exposure
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • Family history
  • Eye injuries
  • Certain medications
  • Certain eye conditions
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Poor nutrition
  • High blood pressure
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What Are Signs of Cataracts?

While cataracts are typically noticeable, they aren’t always apparent, especially early on in development. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you should schedule a comprehensive eye exam as soon as possible to determine if you’re developing cataracts or another eye condition:
  • Cloudy or blurred vision
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Light sensitivity
  • Faded or yellowed colors
  • Frequent changes in eyewear prescriptions
  • Double vision
  • Halos or other effects around lights
  • Reduced contrast sensitivity
  • Poor depth perception
  • Glare or starbursts

Our Cutting-Edge Cataract Diagnostics

Cataracts are a common condition and will affect almost everyone, but our eye doctors are trained to identify their earliest signs using state-of-the-art cataract diagnosis tools and equipment. This technology also helps give us information that lets us best determine how we should personalize each patient’s cataract treatment program for their own unique needs.

Cataract diagnostics technology at Somerset

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Why Choose Us?

Somerset Eye Care is a community-focused team of trained eye care professionals who are committed to helping each patient manage their cataracts and heighten their quality of life. We want to help our neighbors see better and will make you feel comfortable in our friendly office with advanced cataract diagnosis tools and an extensive selection of eyewear. Schedule a visit or stop by today to see the difference Somerset Eye Care can make in keeping your vision clear from cataracts.