Contact Lenses & Contact Lens Exams in North Brunswick, NJ

Contact lenses are an excellent and convenient vision solution for many patients, but visual clarity with contacts is only possible with a precise fit. During our contact lens exams, our eye doctors will make sure you get the best lenses for your vision needs, health requirements, and lifestyle preferences.

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Contact Lenses Start with A 
Contact Lens Exam

Contact lenses rest on top of your eyes, not in front of your nose like eyeglasses, which is why it’s crucial that they fit your eyes, both for comfort and for clear vision. Our specialized contact lens exams are designed to measure your eyes, monitor their health, and identify a precise prescription for your eye shape.

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Woman smiling while holding contact lenses case

Choosing Your 
Contact Lenses

When it comes to your contact lenses, our eye doctors will base their recommendations on everything from your lifestyle to your eye health. We have different options including daily and monthly replacement, which we will prescribe depending on your unique prescription and needs.

Have Hard-To-Fit Eyes?
We Have Specialty
Lens Options!

We know not everyone is able to comfortably wear traditional contact lenses, even after one of our contact lens exams, but we’re still often able to help patients with a variety of specialty lenses. We’re proud to offer a range of contact lens options, including multifocal lenses, ortho-k overnight lenses for myopia management, and scleral lenses for patients with dry eye issues or keratoconus.

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Now Offering Myopia Management for Nearsighted Children!

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common condition that can affect both development and long-term health. While glasses and contact lenses are excellent options for correcting your myopic vision, they can’t fix the root cause of the issue or stop its progression. Our myopia management program can slow or even halt its progression, providing your child with a lifetime of health benefits!

Our Contact Lens Doctors

Our passionate team is ready to help you enjoy the freedom and visual clarity of contact lenses. We have years of experience measuring even the most hard-to-fit eyes during our contact lens exams and will help you find the perfect pair of lenses for clear, comfortable vision.

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Why Choose Somerset Eye Care for Your Contacts &
Contact Lens Exams?

Our passionate doctors and support team are local members of our community and are dedicated to bringing excellent eye care to our neighbors who want the freedom that contact lenses provide. Our contact lens exams are completely customized to your eyes and lifestyle preferences and will help ensure you get contact lenses that fit comfortably and let you see our neighborhood clearly. We’re proud to offer comprehensive eye care for the entire family for patients in North Brunswick and other surrounding communities, including South Brunswick Franklin Park, Kendall Park, and Monmouth Junction. Stop in and visit us at Somerset Eye Care today and let us show you how contacts can change your life!