Pediatric Eye Exams North Brunswick, NJ

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You and Your Family Are Part of Ours

At Somerset Eye Care, we believe that what’s best for our patients and practice are the same thing, especially when it comes to the delicate eyes of our youngest patients. Your child’s eyesight is crucial for development; poor vision can cause poor results in school, at play, and even in social interactions with other children, making it imperative to find a optometrist you can trust for your entire family. Our eye doctors are passionate about helping the children of our community see better through comprehensive eye care.
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What Are Pediatric Eye Exams and Why Are They Important?

Our pediatric eye exams are just as precise and informative as our comprehensive eye exams but are designed with younger eyes in mind. Parents are welcome to join their kids’ visit to the optometrist, where our eye doctors’ goal is to make your child’s eye exam an enjoyable experience, all while checking for signs of concerns and conditions common in children’s eyes. If we notice anything out of the ordinary, you can trust our talented eye doctors to personalize a plan to keep your child’s vision clear and their eyes healthy.

Advanced Technology

Children’s eyes are constantly growing and developing, so our optometrists use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to monitor even the tiniest changes to their eyes and vision. We use this technology and information to catch potential eye diseases and conditions early and tailor a treatment plan for their specific needs, long before their eyesight is affected.

Child friendly advanced technolgy for pediatirc eye exams at Somerset in North Brunswick
Young boy getting a myopia management exam

What is Myopia Management?

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is an issue where your children can see objects up close clearly, but things at a distance appear blurry. While eyeglasses and corrective eyewear can correct myopic vision temporarily, they don’t address myopia’s underlying causes, which can lead to developmental issues later in life if left untreated. Somerset Eye Care’s eye doctors can slow myopia’s progression and preserve your child’s vision with personalized options for myopia management, including overnight contact lenses, daily multifocal lenses, and atropine eye drops.

Our Kid-Friendly
Eyewear Options

Somerset Eye Care has eyeglasses and eyewear your children will love wearing! Our optical team can help curate choices from our expansive selection, with options for different tastes and vision needs, including kid-specific eyewear lines and designs.

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Why Choose Us for Pediatric Eye Exams?

At Somerset Eye Care, we’re here to serve the vision needs of our community, especially the needs of the youngest eyes in the neighborhood. Our eye doctors and team use advanced technology and will explain the entire process to them using terminology they can understand. Your children’s eyesight is too precious to trust just anyone, so visit your neighbors at Somerset Eye Care and let our professionals personalize a plan to keep your entire family’s vision clear!