Eye Care & Vision Services in North Brunswick, NJ

Eye care is health care. We are dedicated to serving the Somerset community with the absolute best in quality care and amazing customer service.



Eye Care and Eyewear Services in North Brunswick

We understand that time is of the essence for you and your busy family, which is why we offer full-service optometry and eyewear solutions. When you come to Somerset Eye Care, your eyes and vision will be cared for by experienced doctors and knowledgeable optical team, because you and your family deserve nothing less than excellence at every turn.

Eye Exams

Our providers enjoy combining their expertise with modern technology during comprehensive eye exams to ensure your eyes are as healthy as can be and your eyesight is as clear as day. You can count on us to protect your eyes and vision with our thorough eye exams by checking your prescription and examining your total eye health.

Eye Disease Treatment

Somerset Eye Care is fully invested in our community’s vision and eye health. Our optometrists provide treatment for a variety of eye conditions, including cataracts and glaucoma. We also offer emergency eye treatment, such as treating red itchy eyes or removing foreign objects, so you and your family don’t have to go a minute longer without happy, healthy eyes.


Everyone is unique – and we believe our eyewear should help each of our patients’ individuality shine. That’s why our optical department features a variety of styles from domestic and European eyewear designers. From sunglasses to prescription eyeglasses, our selection was hand-picked to accommodate patients of all ages and visual needs.

Contact Lenses

Are you ready to say goodbye to glasses and hello to visual freedom? Contact lens technology is always evolving, and with its advancements, just about anyone can wear contact lenses as a part-time or full-time vision correction solution. To ensure your vision is at its clearest, our doctors will perform a comprehensive contact lens exam to measure your eyes for the best fit to give you optimal comfort.

Myopia Management

Our program has a range of treatment options for our young patients, including atropine drops, daily lenses, and overnight lenses. In addition to slowing the progression of your child’s myopia, restoring their visual clarity, and protecting their eyes, our pediatric team will also get to know your child’s hobbies and lifestyle to ensure treatment doesn’t disrupt their quality of life.

Laser Vision Correction

If you’re looking for permanent vision correction, our doctors will work closely with a trusted eye surgeon in the area to co-manage your laser vision surgery. As a family-founded eye care practice, we devote ourselves to being there for you and your family every step of the way — whether that’s directing you to a trusted surgeon or providing you with pre- and post-op care!

Low Vision

As proud members of the community, we are also here to help people who’ve experienced severe vision loss, which is why our office conveniently features a low vision center. We proudly treat patients with macular degeneration, diabetes, and glaucoma to optimize their residual vision and bolster their quality of life.

Scleral Lenses

Are you eager to break free from your glasses but have been told you’re not a good candidate for standard contact lenses? We have good news for you! Our scleral lenses are custom-designed, large-diameter, rigid gas-permeable lenses that comfortably improve the vision of patients with “hard-to-fit eyes.”

Meet Our Providers!

Bethany Fishbein, OD

Jonathan Fishbein, OD

Sukhpreet Kahlon, OD

Tobin Ansel, OD, FAAO

Prapti Chandrani, OD