Eye Exams in North Brunswick, New Jersey

Eye exams performed by the area’s best optometrists.

Eye Examinations at Somerset Eye Care

Our doctors utilize the latest technology to provide thorough and comprehensive eye exams. During your exam, our doctors will check your prescription, and do an examination of your total eye health. Through computer corneal mapping, digital imaging, and careful evaluation and analysis by the doctors, we are able to examine every patient for eye conditions like cataracts and glaucoma, as well as ocular signs of systemic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Our digital instruments allow us to document eye conditions to provide consistent care with any of our providers and help our patients fully understand the results of their examination.

woman checking her eye

Contact Lens Exams

Since contact lenses sit on your eyes rather than in front of them like glasses, our expert doctors take added measures to ensure you get a comfortable fit and clear vision. During your contact lens exam, we use the latest technology to screen for common eye diseases and check in on your eye health. We also make any necessary updates to your vision prescription to make sure you get optimal clarity. After we learn everything there is to know about your eyes, we’ll find the perfect pair of contact lenses for you and your lifestyle.

Pediatric Eye Exams

Our pediatric optometrists are excellent with children and use kid-friendly language to make sure your child’s trip to the eye doctor is one they’ll want to do again! We use advanced technology to get a complete picture of your child’s eyes and evaluate their overall health and development. These exams also help us identify common conditions seen in younger patients, such as myopia. If we see signs of any conditions or concerns, our eye doctors will create a tailored treatment plan that protects their vision and sets them up for success both on the playing field and in the classroom!