Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Written by Somerset Eye Care

March 19, 2019

Are you ready for the solar eclipse coming our way? On August 21st, the United States will be in the path of a total solar eclipse! Here in North Brunswick, NJ, we will be able to see the moon partially pass in front of the sun (partial eclipse) between about 1:30 and 4:00 p.m (with the best views at 2:44!)

It is critical to have proper eye protection to watch the solar eclipse. Normal sunglasses are NOT safe, and trying to look at the eclipse without proper eclipse glasses can cause permanent eye damage and even blindness. You must cover your eyes with the eclipse glasses before you look up at the sun, and keep your eyes covered until you have looked away from the sun.

We have ISO-certified eclipse solar filter glasses available in our North Brunswick office for $2.00 per pair– you can get them for free if you “like” us on Facebook. Call or text us at (732) 658-6765 to let us know you’re coming in– we’ll set a pair aside for you.

You can find more information on safely viewing the eclipse here:


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